02. Business Law

Business Formation

Establishing a new business venture presents a great number of risks. There is no guarantee of return on investment. The best that any entrepreneur can do is to take advantage of all available means of reducing the risks that threaten the business.

One of the key means of reducing those risks is choosing the proper legal structure for your business. Doing so can create tax advantages and shield an owner from personal liability for the business.

The structures you can choose for your small business include:

  • Sole proprietorship — The simplest form of business ownership. You and your business are treated as one entity.

  • Partnership — Ownership involving two or more partners, similar to a sole proprietorship.

  • Incorporation — Creates a legal entity separate from yourself. Offers protection for your personal assets from liability incurred by the business.

  • Limited liability company (LLC) — Similar to a corporation in the protection from personal liability.

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